New 6-Week Power & Shred Program > Try A Free Workout
New 6-Week Power & Shred Program > Try A Free Workout

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Explode your athletic performance and overall health with the brand new MICHAEL VAZQUEZ APP™


Fresh workouts uploaded daily and access to hundreds of catalogued workouts.

Variation is the key to gains, but can be hard to maintain. My subscription workouts take the guess work out of your fitness!

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Specific goal oriented programs to fast track your fitness aspirations.

Whether you are trying to bulk up or shred down, I strive to build programs to reach any finish line you set for yourself.


Learn the basics and build the foundations of your fitness with in-depth explanations and break downs.

Master the fundamental calisthenics movements I used myself to master movement.

Real Reviews From People Just Like You

“I’m about to start my second program. Michael and his team are amazing. My goal is to be a grandfather who can keep up with grandkids! This isn’t a 6 week program, its a life journey!”

- Matt o.

“After taking the Body & Burn course I purchased the Ripped Warrior program. I’ve been in great shape ever since! The exercises are diverse so you don’t get tired of doing the same thing.”


“The Body & Burn course is amazing! I’ve learned a lot and gotten way more fit! Michael has a great personality and knows what he’s doing. No regrets here – huge bang for your buck!”

- DJ Suggs

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  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Accountability
  • And much More

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