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If you’re ready for a full 6 weeks of the workouts that have helped completely transform hundreds of clients (and myself!), then you’re ready for the 6-Week Power + Shred Challenge!

This challenge combines my unique, rapid-fire training technique with hybrid-style power moves to get you finally shredding fat and making epic gains.

With just 5 workouts a week, plus my personal comprehensive nutrition guide, the 6-Week Power
+ Shred Challenge is where you’ll finally have your own “before” and “after” photo.

PLUS, you might also be $200 richer if you’re one of 5 winners!

Can You Really Transform your body in just 6 weeks?

The HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts in the 6-Week Power + Shred Challenge are designed specifically for shredding.

With a unique metabolic impact, they prime your body for burning fat and developing muscle not only during your workouts, but throughout your day as well. This is why they’re so effective!

In this challenge, you’ll be getting:

  • 5 high-intensity workouts designed for transformation
  • Full bodyweight AND unique equipment-based workouts (ropes, tires, sleds)
  • Comprehensive nutrition guide (the one I use and have used in client transformations)

AND, once you sign up, you’ll have LIFETIME access to the program, meaning you can repeat it as many times as you like, even after the challenge is over. Aka: the gains won’t quit!

During the Challenge, you’ll also get access to my private Facebook group, where we’ll have LIVE Q + A’s, answer questions, share motivation and tips, and more!

And about those prizes:

5 winners will receive $200 each, PLUS a FREE annual subscription ($120 value!)
Submitting photos is OPTIONAL and not required to win. Winners will be selected based on activity in the Facebook group during the challenge.

What This Program Includes:

  • 5 High-Intensity Workouts Per Week
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Guide Designed For Shredding
  • Warm Ups And Cool Downs
  • Lifetime Access To Program
  • Access To Private Facebook Community

Are You Ready To Transform?


“The app is great! I’m loving Hannah’s workouts. They’re never boring and easy to follow-along too! I  can watch at home or while traveling since I  don’t need that much equipment. I love it! “


  • Access 6-Weeks of Intense HIIT Full Follow Along Workouts For All Fitness Levels
  • Follow Along with Hannah, Paulo, and our guest trainers each demonstrating a beginner, moderate, and advanced version of the Fearless Program
  • Challenge yourself both physically and mentally as we take you through our mindset practices each week of the program to push your limits and suppress any fear, both physically and mentally
  • Comprehensive E-Book Outlining the Program Schedule and Programming for each week. Also, included is our in-depth Fearless Nutrition Guide to help you smash your dieting during and after the program.
  • Minimal Equipment Required! All you need is a yourself, a set of moderate weighted dumbbells, and a set of small resistance bands in order to crush your Fearless Transformation
  • Stream videos or download to your device – all your favorites, always available
  • Join the international #HEFTRIBE

“The app is great! I’m loving Hannah’s workouts. They’re never boring and easy to follow-along too! I  can watch at home or while traveling since I  don’t need that much equipment. I love it! “


Watch from anywhere

6-Week Power + Shred Challenge

$124.99 $99

One-Time Purchase With Lifetime Access

5 Weekly Workouts Designed For Transformation

Comprehensive Nutrition Guide For Shredding

Private FB Group Access


Who is the MV Fit App suitable for?

The MV Fit App is designed for everyone. The workouts and exercises I show you in the app range from beginner to fitness fanatic. Most of the workouts can be done anywhere using your own bodyweight.

What are the benefits of MV Fit App?

You’ll be able to keep your workouts fresh so you can avoid fitness plateaus and have the body you really want. Most workouts require minimal equipment, so you can train at home, in the gym, or outside to enjoy mother nature. Everything is mobile-friendly, so you can easily pull out your smartphone, or tablet, to follow along.

I am totally new to working out. How will I know how to do each exercise?

If you’re new to working out, don’t worry! There’s numerous step-by-step instructional videos and tutorials that’ll help you understand and master each movement which will help prevent injuries.

By downloading this app, do I automatically get charged a fee?

No, you are not charged by downloading the app.
You are free to navigate and explore the app to get a feel of the content within, and you are also able to watch any preview videos that are available.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you first signed up on the website, then you will need to cancel your subscription by logging into your account on the website.

If you signed up via an in-app purchase, then all in-app subscriptions are managed by Apple, Google, and Roku. To cancel your in-app subscriptions please follow the instructions for your device below:
Tap here via your iPhone/iPad
Tap here via your Android/Tablet
To cancel your Roku subscriptions then please follow the instructions below

How does the “Free Trial” work?

You have a free trial period to view and interact with my content.

Once you’ve created your account, the Free Trial will start automatically and for 14 days, you will be able to access all the parts of the app that are included within the Free Trial.

Please note that not all content may be included as part of the Free Trial.

How do I start the “Free Trial”?

All you need to do is create an account by entering your details and accept the terms of service and privacy policy agreement.

Your Free Trial will then automatically begin and you will be able to enjoy everything the app has to offer! (does not include in-app purchases)

When do I start paying the subscription fee?

The great news is you are only charged once your Free Trial has finished! Once it’s finished, you will automatically be charged for the first subscription period.

To stop the subscription from automatically billing, you must cancel your subscription before the last day of the Free Trial.

Can I get a refund?

If you signed up via the website, please contact the [email protected] for a refund.

All in-app subscriptions and purchases are managed by Apple for iOS and Google for Android. If you would like a refund for any reason, then you will need to contact them on the links below.

Apple: Here
Google: Here
Roku: Here

Can I access my account on another device (i.e. if I purchased the app on an iPhone, can I access my account on Android?)

Yes. Simply download the app from the App Store for that device, and log in using your account. Vise Versa.

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