Michael Vazquez makes it super simple for you to burn fat, build muscle, and feel stronger even if you’re overweight, too skinny, or just struggling to overcome a plateau.

Why am I Creating These Programs?

I am creating these programs because I want you to realize how much your body is really capable of when you teach it.




This is the stage where you build your foundation. If you do not acquire true strength, then forget about trying anything advanced. In this stage, we will develop your basic foundation, so you can make it through the stages to come.



After you have acquired Strength, you must acquire Power. In this stage, Michael will show you how to properly gain tremendous power and explosiveness by focusing on the power source of your body.

Your Physique

After being in the fitness industry for over 6 years, I’ve found that there are only 4 things a person needs to focus on when trying to build their physique. It is the foundation of which of my programs are built on.



Most people keep the same shape for years because they never switch things up. In this stage, you will learn how to properly add variety to your training, so you can build muscle, gain strength, and burn fat more efficiently.



This should be a focus during all stages. You’ll need to consume a healthy amount of protein, carbs, and fats depending on your goal and the amount of work you plan on doing.

How Does the Video Program Work?

Each program will target a specific goal that you want to achieve. I’ll dive deep into a single aspect of training and uncover ways for you to immediately and effectively begin reaching your goal.

You’ll have lifetime access after you complete the program, so feel free to keep on using them after you complete it.


What You Can Expect From the Video Programs

  • Unique Movements
  • Fun Combinations
  • Intense Cardio
  • Burn Fat/Gain Muscle

Using these programs will show you a different way to train, so you can reach your goals effectively and efficiently. And most workouts will be able to be completed anywhere.

What People Are Saying

“This is the best workout program I have ever come across. Keep up the good work, guys!” – Aman

“Finished this program today. I absolutely loved it. It was very challenging and definitely a change from my usual heavy weights workout. I lost 2.5 pounds, 2 percent body fat, 1/2 inch on thighs and abdomen. I definitely lost fat and gained some muscle!ss in my conditioning in just 4 weeks.” 

– Carter

“I finished this program and it was awesome! I’ll definitely repeat it again. If you want go to the next level, try it!”

– Jan

Get Access To The

Exclusive MVMT Community

In this community, you’re going to have 24/7 support and accountability. I know that motivation is a big thing holding people back, but it’s not going to be for you anymore.

You’ll be exposed to an environment of people who want to see what their body is capable of and therefore it will force you to do the same.

Here are some things we’ll talk about:

  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Accountability


6-Week Ripped Warrior Program

$149 Regular Price

$99 Launch Special

One Time Payment – Lifetime Access

70+ HD Instructional & Workout Videos

Weighted, Bodyweight & Hybrid Workouts

Proper Warm-Ups and Decompression Practices 

In-Depth Explanation & Tips from Michael  

24/7 Support for Technical & Workout Questions

6-Week Build Mass & Strength Program

$149 Regular Price


One Time Payment – Lifetime Access

80+ HD Videos + 4-Week Workout Program

Gain Mass & While Training Like A Pro Athlete

A Focus On Functional Movements & Mobility

Michaels Muscle & Strength Nutrition Guide 

24/7 Support for Technical & Workout Questions


30 Day Breakdance Breakdown Program

$149 Regular Price


One Time Payment – Lifetime Access

Master 50+ HD  Breakdancing Videos 

Learn Moves like, Windmills, Flares & More!

Beginner – Advanced Movements,  Great For All!

Stretches to Keep You Loose & Flow Like Pro’s

24/7 Support for Technical  & Workout Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Some programs will require some sort of equipment (dumbbells, kettlebells, bar, adjustable bench), but I also will include some bodyweight programs and alternative bodyweight exercises in my weighted programs incase you don’t have the necessary equipment.  There will be workouts that require you to go to the gym.

These programs are designed to challenge all fitness levels. If you’re a beginner most advanced exercises I include in these programs will include regressions for you to work towards mastering the difficult exercises. Be open to doing the different exercise that advanced people may ignore. You’ll see amazing results if you just follow the program.

Each workout is no longer than 30-45 mins depending on your workout pace.

All video programs are sold individually and is a one time payment. Also, each program you purchase you will receive lifetime access to. 

Once you complete your payment be sure you’re logged into your account and navigate to the left menu & select My Purchases>My Video Programs

What Programs Would You like to see next?

Let us know by sharing your email and feedback below!

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