Body and Burn

The bodyweight course that unlocks your true fitness potential

Burn fat, gain strength, and build endurance using “Rapid Fire” method of training

Designed for All Skill Levels
80+ Instructional Videos + 4 Week Program
Nutritional Meal Guides Included
Train Anytime. Anywhere!

Is This Course For You?

Designed for all skill levels.


Whether you’re a beginner or professional athlete, the Body and Burn course will elevate your fitness using unique, rapid-fire bodyweight movements that boost functional performance and results. This course is for you if you want to:

  • Learn proper form while building strength from the first workout
  • Learn how to structure your daily workouts to stay shredded anywhere (no gym required), year-round
  • Gain insight into the diet that can get and keep you lean for life
  • Train smarter using the “rapid fire” technique: one of the most efficient ways to burn fat

What You're Getting

Exclusive, detailed video coaching to unlock your true fitness potential.

You’ll receive detailed, HD instructional movement videos alongside an easy-to-follow workout guide that will help you burn fat, increase endurance, and build muscle.
  • Get a step-by-step breakdown of individual movement patterns in a series of 80+ ultra HD videos
  • Access to the diet and nutrition tips/life hacks that help you maintain a lean physique year-round.
  • Structured workouts that can travel with you anywhere: from home to hotel room

How It Works

Get up close and personal.

Learn key movements with Michael through a series of ultra HD instructional videos to learn basic movements that prepares you for the full step-by-step, 4 week bodyweight program.
  • Start by learning basic movements alongside Michael in HD video that will blast fat and build strength fast
  • Learn how to structure workouts, along with receiving pre-structured workouts in the 4 week bodyweight program
  • Beat boredom, blast fat, build strength, and (best of all) have fun as your fitness improves and you level up: both in your body and mind.

Why Sign Up?

Reach your highest fitness potential from anywhere

Achieve the level of fitness you’ve always desired, improving speed, strength, endurance, and agility, from the gym, your home, or even a hotel room.

  • Learn key movements and workout structures you can use to stay healthy and shredded for life
  • Master the workout studies show is the most efficient for burning fat and keeping it off
  • Dial in your nutrition plan so you can get results fast and have more energy than ever
  • Never, ever get bored with your workouts again – these workouts keep your mind and body entertained

Ignite Your Athleticism
And Reach A New Level of Fit!

Get Access to 80+ HD Instructional Videos

Feel stronger & look better than ever using the most efficient bodyweight & high-intensity, rapid fire movements that science shows are the best way to burn fat and up your fitness level. You can do them anywhere, no gym required.

  • Learn basic-to-advanced body weight movements for all skill levels
  • Learn simple yet unique and highly effective exercises you can do anywhere
  • Be motivated daily with video tutorials and tips straight from your coach
  • Feel more confident physically and mentally
  • Increase your strength and look better than ever before 
  • Learn valuable and unique life hacks for maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle
  • Have fun & achieve your fitness goals while staying challenged with unique movements.

Structure of the Course

You’ll start by learning basic movements and workouts to build a base of functional strength and start torching fat. Follow along with Michael as he walks you through each movement in 100+ ultra HD videos.

Once you’ve mastered these movements, you’ll move on to the 4-week Video Program. Michael will provide detailed video instructions, & you’ll receive a step-by-step workout guide. Michael will bring your fitness, agility, speed, & strength to the next level

From here, you’ll master explosive movement workouts, begin moving into more advanced options, & even start structuring your own personalized workout routines along with implementing a healthy diet.


I Created This Course

Learning to keep a balance between nutrition, fitness, jiu jitsu training, recovery, and being a father while juggling life’s ups and downs isn’t and hasn’t been easy. It took a lot of dedication and trial-and-error to reach the level of fitness I have today. 

I created the Body and Burn course for those like myself that could use a roadmap to get started in reaching their ultimate fitness potential, as well as for higher-level athletes that thrive off of the challenges of the advanced movements in this course. Let’s raise each other to meet our highest potential.

Body & Burn Ultimate Training Experience

$199 Regular Price
$149 Launch Special

One Time Payment – Lifetime Access

Master 80+ HD Instructional Videos + 4-Week Workout Program

Safely Master Explosive Bodyweight Movements & Exercises

One Up Your Nutrition Using Michael’s Menu / Meal Guides

Designed For ALL Skill Levels & Accessible Anywhere, Anytime, 24/7

One Time Payment – Lifetime Access

What People Are Saying

“I found Michael Vazquez program a really complete workout that gives me just at the first month an incredible strength that it helps also with lifting weights on the top of much more coordination in everyday life.what he teaches it works and does the difference.”

– Manuel S.

“Being able to get advice from the trainer with nutrition and workouts. I enjoy everything about this program from tracking workouts to daily videos of doing the workouts!”

– Jason C.

“This program was a gateway into my fitness goals.  I am now planning to run my first Marathon.  Thank you Michael Vazquez for the extra push I needed.”


  • Joseph Z.

“This guy goes hard! Burn a ton of calories with a great mix of moves. I’m in great shape and this routine has me gasping for air in minutes. Love this program I highly recommend it!”

– P.P.

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