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The Challenge of the (New) Year: 300-Rep Challenge, with Prizes

If there’s one thing we can all agree on in regards to 2020 … is that it’s been a hell of a ride.

Am I right?

So, when you hear me say it’s time to start thinking “New Year, New You,” I’m not saying that lightly. Because if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life can turn upside down in an instant … and that we can only hope we’ve accomplished everything we’ve set out to do before it does.

And that’s why, as 2021 approaches, I wanted to give you an opportunity to truly go for your goals, and GET RESULTS like never before. An opportunity to stick to that New Year’s resolution beyond the first week of 2020 (I know, we’ve all been there!).

So here it is: the 30-Day HIIT Remix and 300-Rep Challenge!

Every year we start our year out making promises and goals for ourselves, and for most of us year after year we fail to meet and exceed those goals. This lack of accountability we can have for ourselves is often what holds us back from achieving our goals.

This year it’s going to be different. I’ve created this challenge for those very reasons.

Sophia, Myself, and the MV Fit Community are all going to be here to hold each other accountable and be sure we accomplish the goals we set out to achieve for ourselves while having fun and competing to win some awesome prizes!

What is the 30-Day HIIT Remix Challenge?

This challenge will feature 30 days of HIIT workouts and a nutritional guide to help skyrocket your stamina, lean gains, performance, strength, flexibility, and mobility. Every week, you can look forward to 3 HIIT workouts and 2 strength workouts that use your bodyweight and/or dumbbells or a resistance band.

These are the the type of explosive movements and workouts that have been proven to be most effective in helping you melt fat and build lean muscle in record time.

And nope, that’s not a gimmick: studies show HIIT workouts are THE best style of workouts for fat loss and “HIIT”ing those muscle fibers.

Where does the “300 Reps” come in?

Because in this challenge, you’ll start with a 300-Rep workout at the beginning of the challenge and end the challenge with the same 300-Rep workout to demonstrate your improvement! 

AND after the challenge is over, two participants with the most improvement will get up to $500 WORTH OF PRIZES each!

Talk about extra motivation.

In addition to the 4 weeks of workouts and a nutritional guide that this challenge offers, you’ll also get access to a Private Facebook Group with weekly live video check-in with Myself and Sophia, discounts on apparel, and of course, the chance to win those big prizes!

Below I’ll outline what’s included in the challenge and what we need from you in order for you to be eligible to win!

(Full List of Contest Rules and Instructions Found Here)

Let’s go!

What’s Included

  • 4 Weeks of Unique Workouts with Minimal Equipment Needed
  • Comprehensive Nutritional Guide
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Live Video Check-Ins with Sophia and Mike
  • Exclusive Discounts on Apparel
  • Chance to Win Big Prizes ($1000 in cash, beats headphones)

Prizes (2 Winners – 1 Male, 1 Female):

  • $500 Each
  • 2 Sets of Powerbeats Wired in-Ear Headphones

Where will the Challenge take place?

The Challenge and content will be held within the MV Fit App which is available on IOS and Android. The Live Check-ins will be held in the Private Facebook Group.

When does the Challenge begin?

The challenge starts on January 1st – be sure to purchase before January 1st in order to participate in the 30 Day HIIT Remix challenge! The 30 Day HIIT Remix Challenge will last through the 31st of January and the two winners will be announced no later than February 10, 2020.

Submission Requirements:

We’ll need a few things from you in order for you to be eligible for the contest prizes. Check it:

If you haven’t already, make sure you are subscribed to the MV Fit App (this is required to join the challenge) and have purchased the 30-Day HIIT Remix Challenge. Once you’ve done that, continue to:

BEFORE January 3rd, please submit:

  • A video of you performing the 300-Rep Workout before 11:59AM PT on January 3rd. 
  • 2 photos of yourself: one front profile and one side profile so we can compare them with the end results.

Please turn in these submissions to

  • Simply drag the submission files to the top of the white box
  • Add your email (email you’re using for your subscription) and verify it (Include your full name and any notes in the “Message” box).
  • Please do not set up any passwords.
  • Click Transfer

Please follow these conventions for naming and submitting your files:

  • Each photo you send should be a .JPG or a .PNG File.
  • Name the front profile picture file as FirstName_LastName_Front • Name the side profile picture file as FirstName_LastName_Side
  • The videos should be a .MP4 or .MOV file
  • Name the video submission as FirstName_LastName_Video

*Replace any instances of “FirstName” and “LastName” with your respective first and last name.

3 thoughts on “The Challenge of the (New) Year: 300-Rep Challenge, with Prizes

    1. Barrylu, thanks for reaching out to me! The challenge starts on January 1st, 2021. A pdf will be available on that date and there will also be daily workouts to watch as well. I hope this helps!!!

      1. Awesome! I had the same question that I had just emailed…it’s the holidays so I didn’t expect a response soon. Glad I found the answer here. 🙂 SUPER STOKED!

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