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New 6-Week Power & Shred Program > Try A Free Workout

Kettlebell Full Body Crusher

With all of the endless cardio and heavy weight lifting exercises, the options can be overwhelming. One of my favorite ways that you can always accomplish both cardio and strength goals – Workout with Kettlebell – a bell that never rings, but is sure to get you ripped! Exhibited in most gyms no matter the size around the world.

It’s a heavy, iron cast spherical structure with a handle on it, what’s the big deal? Some people don’t always see the multiple benefits kettlebells offer. I hear questions all the time like,

Is a Kettlebell helpful for losing weight?

What impact do kettlebells have on the body?

What sort of exercises could do I even do with a kettlebell?

Believe it or not, Kettlebells are as helpful as other sorts of machinery and weights in the gym, in my opinion, they are better than most fancy machines on the market!  The Legendary Pat Manocchia said it best in his journal “Kettlebells help to gain strength and improve the aerobic capacity of the body. Exercising with Kettlebell increases the gripping ability, strengthens arm muscles, increases stability and core engagement, and also improves the posture of the body. Furthermore, research has unearthed that too much cardio and heavy weight lifting exercises switch the body on Fats-shedding mode too fast; however, adding some healthy exercises with Kettlebells will yield more productive results. This further reveals kettlebells are greatly attributed to balance, muscle tone, abs, and overall body posture.

Most of the people starting with Kettlebells get confused on what type of exercises would be beneficial to them and where to start, here is a workout that utilizes full-body kettlebell movements – these are some of my favorite functional Kettlebells exercises. Be sure to take note and build them into your own workouts!

  1. Halo Curl Squat
  2. Kettlebell Clean Press
  3. Kettlebell Pushups
  4. Kettlebell Swing
  5. Russian Twists
  6. Single Lunge Walks


Halo Curl Squat


10-12 Reps | 3 Sets | 30-sec Rest

A solid choice if you’re seeking to target your legs, back, and arms to get them stronger and toned. Squatting with Kettlebells will help your body become more flexible. You can perform Halo curl squat this way:

  1. Start with the standing.
  2. Hold the kettlebell with both hands and set in front of your chin.
  3. With both hands give it a turn over your head.
  4. Set it against the chin and bend into a squat position.
  5. Move your hands down with the Kettlebell parallel to both legs then back against the chin.
  6. Use shoulders to generate the force when the Kettlebell comes in between legs.

Kettlebell Clean Press

10-15 Reps | 30 Sec Rest | 3 Sets

This is the perfect combination of two moves to allow your body to get a full-body workout. Cleans strengthen the lower body while the press works on the upper portion hence, this ends up being a Monster Move! 

You can perform the Kettlebell Clean Press this way:

  • Place a Kettlebell on a floor between both legs and bend your knees slightly, hold it with both hands.
  • With full momentum of your arms, pull it up against the chest in a standing position.
  • Raise it above your head level with both hands and then bring it back to the chest.
  • Relax the muscles a bit and put it down to the floor level and repeat.


Kettlebell Pushups 

10-15 Reps | 30-Sec Rest | 3 Sets

To give Pushups a little tweak – try them with a Kettlebell. This targets your back, chest, core, and shoulders to get into an attractive shape. For newbies, it is highly recommended to take a slow start however, this exercise demands good stability, which works certain muscles we dont usually use, putting lots of focus on the arms and core.

You can perform Kettlebell Pushups this way:

  • Place a Kettlebell on the floor.
  • Position yourself in a proper plank position, with both hands on the Kettlebell.
  • Bend your elbows and lower yourself straight towards the Kettlebell and then push back up, repeat.


Kettlebell Swing 

45 Seconds | 15 Sec Rest | 2 Sets

If you are looking to shed some pounds – that’s ideal for you! Plus, it will help you improve your cardiovascular functions. This exercise targets your shoulders, arms, legs, and hips. The Kettlebell Swing is an exercise made for beginners.

Perform it as follows:

  • Start in a standing position with both legs apart a little wider than shoulder-width.
  • Grab the handle tightly.
  • Use your back, shoulders, and arms to generate energy and pull the Kettlebell between your legs – don’t apply too much force.
  • Bring it up to chest height.
  • While it’s up against the chest, step with both feet to the right side a little bit, repeat. 


Russian Twist

10-15 Reps | 30 Seconds Rest | 3 Sets

Want to tighten,  Here’s a solution for you – Russian Twist with a Kettlebell! Burn calories and shape your abs and oblique muscles rapidly. This is how you can perform it:

  • Sit on your hips, keep the knees bent slightly and feet off the floor, about 7-10 inches.
  • Grab the handle of Kettlebell with both hands against the chest, lean your back at 45 degrees.
  • After adjusting the position, swing the Kettlebell from left to right then from right to left using the potential of your back and waist muscles.


Single Lunge Walk 

24 Steps | 30 Seconds Rest | 3 Sets

Dig in a bit and spice up ordinary lunges with a Kettlebell! These kinds of lunges are targeting your legs and shoulders, yet are perfect for beginners and seasoned kettlebells!

This is so easy doing Single Lunge Walks:

  • Start in a standing position, one hand holding the handle of a Kettlebell downward while the other hand is erected outward perpendicular to the body.
  • Step forward into a lunge.
  • While stepping forward, raise your roof with the opposite hand, meet both feet and at the same time, bend your other hand parallel to the body.
  • Now with the other leg repeat lunges and take steps forward.

I hope you enjoyed this workout and if you are interested in a full workout program like this, with follow-along style videos, be sure to check out my 6-Week Ripped Warrior program!

8 thoughts on “Kettlebell Full Body Crusher

  1. Great program, the only problem is(deep) squats and the lunge walk due to a torn meniscus in my right knee. Any suggestions to work around that issue?
    Looking forward to more of your instructions.
    PS turning 70 in July and KB are the perfect workout

    1. Cornelius, thanks for your support and glad to hear you’re enjoying the program! I would consult your doctor/physical therapist on that one, I wouldn’t want to give advise you outside of my expertise. Sorry about that, but hope you figure out a viable substitute that works for you!

  2. Would you recommend rotating through these or finish each sets of exercises before moving onto the next?

    1. Chris, do all 3 sets of each exercise, then move on to the next! I hope you’re enjoying the workouts and keep crushing it!👊

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