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How To Get Motivated To Workout

Staying fired up to accomplish your goals is, frankly, one of the most challenging aspects of having a goal. I’m definitely not here to tell you this type of motivation is easy to maintain, as I’ve been there more than once.

Most people see where I am now and only see the success, but the fact is, I started from the bottom of the motivational barrel. I had moments of total loss of motivation, and I remember very clearly how damaging it can be to progress and life in general.

Here I’m sharing the best tips I’ve ever experienced on increasing (and keeping) the motivation high as you work toward your goal: whether it be losing weight, gaining strength, or even starting a business or completing a project.

Let’s hit it!

Top Ways To Increase Motivation

1. Step One: What’s Getting In Your way?

Diving deep into the root cause of your lack of motivation is one of the most crucial steps to being able to increase it. After all, if you try to move forward on a path but there is a huge block in the road, you’re not going to get very far!

Lack of motivation typically stems from several factors, which is why it’s important to isolate which ones may be affecting you. For instance, you could lack motivation due to not truly believing that you can accomplish your goal, OR you could simply lack motivation due to burnout or not having enough time in your day to dedicate to your goal.

These are very different reasons for not being motivated, and as such, they each require a different approach! In the first case, you may have to ask yourself why you don’t feel like you can accomplish your goal, and then break down the goal into smaller, more achievable milestones.

In the second case, you would need to consider simplifying your workload in some way in order to support your goal, OR lengthen the timeframe toward your goal if necessary.

In any case, it’s extremely beneficial to identify what you believe is causing the lack of motivation so you can begin to address it directly and purposefully.

2. Create Milestones

Often, we can lose motivation when it seems like our goals are so far away from where we are now. For instance, you may have an extra 40 lbs to lose, and your goal is to reach a very low body fat. It can be de-motivating to think you’re likely going to lose only 1-3 lbs per week (if you want to be sustainable) on your journey, which can seem like a long time to wait.

This is why, in my opinion, creating milestones is so important! This is because when you reach the smaller, more achievable goals on the way to your bigger goal, you receive a boost of motivation and encouragement to keep going.

This can look like breaking down your weight loss goals into smaller goals, such as losing 5 lbs, or 1 inch, instead of 40 lbs and several inches. In this way, you can achieve the small goal, then set a new small goal, and repeat until you’ve reached the “big” one.

3. Create A New Routine

If you’re lacking motivation due to not having enough time or energy to progress toward your goal, try creating a new routine that incorporates the goal. This is sometimes hard to do if you’ve been in one routine for awhile, but often if you try to look at your daily or weekly schedule with fresh (and discerning!) eyes, you can find time slots to, say, get in a short workout or meal prep.

You may have to get brutally honest with yourself here, and possibly make some sacrifices. Do you spend 30 minutes to an hour scrolling on your phone any time during the day? Do you watch Netflix more than a couple time per week? If anything like this is going on, you may have to put a cap on them until your progress toward your goal is getting accomplished.

4. Celebrate Your Wins

Remember the idea of creating smaller milestones within your goal? Make sure that you also celebrate them!

It can be de-motivating to never celebrate small wins or to forgo treating yourself, so don’t forget to gift yourself a treat once in a while (it doesn’t have to be food, it can also be a massage, a gift, etc …) when you do hit a milestone.

5. Make Your Goals Visible

We’ve all heard of vision boards, and while many people claim “envisioning” your ideal can be a little “woo-woo,” in truth, seeing what your working toward every day acts as a huge reinforcement for why you’re making sacrifices.

Save photos of the physique you want and look at them everyday, work out around people who have built the strength that you desire, watch videos, read motivational quotes or autobiographies: whatever you feel gives you that boost of inspiration to keep going.

6. Ask Yourself This Question Everyday

The cold, hard truth is: we’re all going to die.

Obviously, most of us know this, but we tend to push it into the recesses of our mind in order to avoid it. Why? Because facing it head-on would (or should) cause us to immediately set to work doing everything we’ve ever wanted to do, which requires a level of self-responsibility we don’t like to accept. .

So ask yourself: If I were to die 6 months from now, would I be happy with where I am? Really think about it. If you kept living the way you did this week, or this month, would you really be proud of yourself in 40 years? Would you be the same?

The answer to that is, yes, if you don’t choose to make a change now, you will likely be the same years from now.

If that’s not a motivating factor, I don’t know what is. So, if you’re ever feeling unmotivated, really dwell on this and remember that every day you put off is a day wasted of the person you could become.

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