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How To Eat Healthy On Road Trips, Plus My Go-To Outdoor Workouts

It’s summertime and the temps are fine … which is why it’s one of the best times to plan a road trip!

And I don’t know about you, but as much as I love road trips and traveling in general, I always have the thought in the back of my mind, “Will I have access to clean food? Will a trip be a setback on the path to my goals?”

This is a valid concern, as you never know what type of food will or will not be available, and also whether or not you’ll be able to hit a gym or find a space to work out.

Because of this, I want to share some tips and tricks I’ve learned from years of eating and training on the road, without letting it interfere with my goals.

Tips to Eat Healthy On Road Trips

1. Snacks, Snacks, and More (Healthy) Snacks

The nightmare scenario: you’ve been driving for hours without a meal, and your stomach is growling. Unfortunately, for the next several hours, it looks like you’ll be passing nothing but gas stations and fast food joints.

In these moments, having thought ahead and packed an abundance of healthy snacks can save your diet. Be sure to grab a small cooler before you hit the road (this will give you much more snacking variety, trust me), and fill it with your perishables: fruits like apples and berries, snacking veggies like carrots and celery, as well as things like hummus, olives, etc … Also consider bringing more satiating snacks like avocado, non-dairy yogurts, and even cold cuts.

Outside of your cooler, pack your protein bars, your healthy cookies, your jerky, (aka: your Erewhon haul. If you live in Cali, you know what I mean).

Packing plenty of snacks takes the stress out of trying to find food and worrying about whether you’re putting a wrench in your progress by indulging in gas station snacks.

2. Embrace The Fast

Most of us are aware of the benefits of intermittent fasting … and these benefits are something to keep in mind when you’re on the road and will be out of food for several hours!

Now, I’m not saying starve yourself, but I am saying that waiting several hours to eat until you reach the next town with better food options is usually the better option than eating extremely low quality or junk food. Not only will your body not enter starvation mode (this takes several days to occur), but will also begin the process of using the energy you normally use for digestion on cleaning up your body and burning fat!

When we fast, our body begins a process called autophagy, where it starts removing built-up cellular debris throughout your body, helping everything run smoother, including your digestion and metabolism.

Sounds like a great reason to hold off eating for just a few more hours to me!

3. Bring A Small Grill

If you plan on camping, bringing a small electric grill you can fire up by plugging in to your car or truck can take your food experience to a whole new (delicious) level.

By doing this, you’ll go from eating mostly snack food to being able to grill up meat, tofu, veggies – whatever you pack in that cooler!

4. Download Your Workouts

This is a huge reason I created the MV Fit App. Lack of WiFi can be a serious hangup when it comes to your workouts, especially if you’re in the middle of doing a workout program online!

On the MV Fit App, you’re able to download each workout to watch without WiFi, so you can train in the middle of the woods if you need to.

Try a 14-Day FREE Trial of the app here!

Outdoor Workouts To Hit On the Road

Whether you’re road-tripping, camping, visiting family, etc … below are some workout samples that are perfect for the outdoors (or a living/hotel room)!

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to outdoor workouts is that natural objects can work for you! A log can become a barbell, a rock can become a heavy ball, a stump can become a box, and even a bench can become a platform for your feet for elevated pushups.

In short, nature is your playground, so get creative! And, if you’re in the city but don’t want to do a day membership to a gym, be sure to check out local parks, which typically have trails and things like monkey bars (or even a small outdoor gym).

Take these workouts along with you for inspiration, and let’s hit the road!

1. 22-Set Bodyweight Killer

2. 15-Minute Full Body Bodyweight Workout

3. At Home Bodyweight Exercises

Also, be sure to check out my Body and Burn Ultimate Bodyweight Course, which is filled with regimented bodyweight workouts you can do anywhere, anytime, with just your bodyweight!

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