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How Partner Workouts Can Elevate Your Training

You know that feeling when you’re tired but you push yourself to keep going? It’s hard to do that over and over again. So that’s why we hire coaches or sign up for online programs to support our ambitions. For that same reason, we can also work out with friends or attend group class for motivation.

But a workout partner can be more than just a cheerleader. And they’re free! A partner should be someone who has a similar schedule and goals as you so you can consistently train together to achieve results. They will also keep you accountable. You can read a list of qualities to look for in a work out partner here.


Being held accountable is a great way to stay on a goal when it’s hard. It’s important for help. When you have someone expecting you to show up and relies on you, it makes it more difficult to let them down. It also means that you have someone to remind you of your goals when your motivation slips. This is a good agreement for working out because you’re not just getting coaching, you’re the one coaching as well. The duel responsibilities keep things fair and efforts mutual.

People succeed in life not because of their sole efforts, but with the support from others. That’s the idea. So when you’re looking for an excuse not to work out, remember that your partner could be, too!


The competition I’m talking about is more like a friendly rivalry. You push each other to be better and can bring out some intensity in your work out. You also won’t be concerned with any critics because you’ll only be concerned with your work out to keep up with your partner.

Not only that, but your strengths and weaknesses will shine through. Comparison isn’t always healthy but when you work out with someone on a consistent basis, it’s similar to a science experiment. You compare how far you, yourself, have come along on different fronts and you’ll see certain aspects highlighted compared to your friend’s results.


For the mentality going into a workout, partners are great. But they’re also great for their physical presence because they can watch your form or spot you on a lift. If you’re weightlifting, it’s much more important to have a partner to help catch the bar if it gets to be too much. When performing any aerobics or accessory work it’s also nice to have an eye on your form so you get the most out of your training. And if you get a good one you’ll have a motivational speaker in your ear to keep you up to par throughout a workout.


It’s a lot easier to try something new when there’s another person around to try it too. If there’s a new workout or exercise you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t yet, your partner is a great person to do it with. Whether it’s the critic in our own heads or the hesitation or the time, partners can get you to be more open-minded and free to explore new movements.

Partner workouts are best suited for the more intense workouts because the competition and accountability come into play in a large role. But light or moderate workouts are just as applicable here. Anything is better with a friend and someone to keep you consistent.

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