Michael Vazquez

Fitness Enthusiast & Creator

Michael Vazquez is a sponsored athlete, fitness model, breakdancer, and online coach based in
Los Angeles, California. 

Specializing in ‘rapid-fire’ fitness routines, nutrition, and long-term lifestyle transformation, Vazquez created this online platform and program to empower others seeking to be the best version of themselves possible.

Let’s Train Together!

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  • Ideal for Any Skill Level
  • 75+ HD Instructional Videos
  • Safely Master Top Movements & Exercises
  • Enhance Your Mobility & Durability
  • Learn Decompression Methods for Optimal Recovery

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  • No Weights or Gym Required
  • 4-Week Workout Plan Included
  • Take Control of Your Nutrition With Access to Michaels Meal Guide
  • Join The Movement “MVMT” Community
  • No More Excuses. All You Need In One Place

The Ultimate Online
Fitness Program

No More Excuses...All You Need Is You!

Learn to master basic-to-advanced bodyweight movements that will prepare you for my 4 week bodyweight program, & how to program your own workouts in the future.

Promote an injury-free lifestyle by increasing your flexibility, mobility, and functional strength for daily life, all while becoming part of a growing community of individuals that motivate you to crush your goals.

Eat to fuel the new leaner, stronger you. Gain insight into what I consume on a daily basis to stay shredded with a sample of my weekly meal guide. Included are low carb, moderate carb, & high carb meal guides.

No gym? No weights? Perfect! This course is designed to burn fat, gain lean muscle, & improve health & fitness with just your bodyweight. The excuses end today!

Real Reviews
from People Just Like You

“Michael Vazquez took my fitness lifestyle to the next level. His ultimate workout combinations not only helped me surpass my goals but also kept every workout unique and fun. Gym time is game time with Michael Vazquez! I highly recommend giving the program a try you won't be disappointed“

– Christopher R.

“I have tried several workouts and this one is the perfect one for me because it has a variety & it also uses a lot of body weight workouts. Also has cardio and metcons mixed in as well. Whenever I do his workouts, I feel so strong & fit. I do others but lose motivation and I don’t see as good progress as I do with this one.”

– JV F

“I thought I was in good shape until I tried this program. I'm feeling sore all over and I love it, especially the before and after photos. This program has everything from instructional videos, nutrition, & rest times. If you are looking for a workout that will challenge you mentally & physically this program is for you. ”

– Lewilmot

"I decided to try this program because they offered a risk free satisfaction guarantee & am I glad I did. If you are looking for a workout that gets the heart rate up and gets a good muscle pump with minimal equipment that you can take with you this is your program. Sure beats writing one down or printing one off the internet.”


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