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Good Morning Habits For Success

The more we read about the habits of the world’s “most successful people,” the more we will notice that success is habitual.

To be more specific, we can see that success is truly a compilation of good habits that have been repeated over and over again in someone’s life, until they eventually reach what we consider to be “success.”

Oddly enough (but not so odd once we really break it down!) we can find many of these habits center around the morning.

Many, many successful people across all sectors of life – business, the arts, finance – have been very early risers, with specific morning habits that fuel, well, success.

Here we’ll dive into them, so you can be inspired to start your mornings with success in mind.

Top Morning Habits For Success

1. Rise Early

There is a reason most of the extremely successful people throughout history have been early risers: getting in the right mindset early has extensive benefits.

Consider the difference in this comparison. Imagine waking up to a loud alarm, hitting the snooze too many times, then finally flying out of bed (so you won’t be late), rushing downstairs and grabbing coffee and a granola bar (or even fast food on the way to work), jumping in the car, starting work, grabbing a quick bite on the way home, going to bed late, … then rinsing and repeating.

VERSUS: Waking up early, well-rested, enjoying a cup of coffee while reading something inspirational, perhaps doing some yoga or other form of movement, making a list of goals for the day, having a bite to eat, then heading to work.

Can you feel the difference in your mindset just by imagining these two scenarios?

Getting up early gives you the time and space to start the day peacefully and in alignment with your goals, and also saves you from the endless loop of rushing. It gives you extra time to work out or get ahead, that way you feel a sense of accomplishment before the “work” day has even begun.

Tip: if you have to use an alarm, try setting it to a peaceful sound, such as birds chirping or another nature sound. This takes the “alarm” out of waking up, so you can actually wake up feeling at peace instead of startled.

2. Don’t Check Your Phone

Checking your phone first thing in the morning might seem like a good idea in order to “get ahead,” but in truth, how often do we roll over and simply start scrolling, versus doing anything that actually gets us closer to our dreams?

By hopping on the phone first thing in the morning, we are also instantly absorbed in the world of others: what “they” are doing, where “they” are going, and/or all of the things everyone wants from us. Now, this isn’t to say we shouldn’t be living a life of giving and service to others, but by immediately jumping into someone else’s world upon waking, we don’t leave space to acknowledge and move forward with our own lives, dreams, and goals. We get caught up in what everyone else is doing, when we could be focused on doing whatever WE can do to move forward.

3. Read Something Positive

Instead of checking your phone, try and grab a book, magazine, whatever it may be, and read something positive. This can be and inspirational story, quotes, a biography, or even an article that puts you in a positive mindset and gets you excited for your goals.

4. Ask Yourself This Question

Daily contemplation can set you up for massive success, simply due to the fact that we are typically the ones that get in our own way when it comes to being successful. Whether it’s through self-sabotage, procrastination, continuing bad habits – you name it. Becoming aware of these things can then (instead of letting them run our lives) allow us to override and change them for the better.

The question I’m referring to comes from Steve Jobs, who asked himself one fundamental question in the mirror every morning:

“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today? If the answer is ‘no’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”

This question can open up a floodgate of realizations that can completely shift your life. Try journaling what comes to your mind after rolling this one around in your mind.

5. Workout, Do Yoga, or Go For a Walk In Nature

Studies show that just 15-20 minutes of exposure to nature can significantly reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Beginning your day with reduced stress can translate into a more peaceful, enjoyable day, which can increase motivation and even enhance creativity.

Try going for a morning walk or yoga session and, if possible, let your feet touch the bare earth, as certain electrical compounds being emitted from the ground can further reduce stress levels, and even reduce inflammation.

As you can see, simple daily practices (even if they’re just in the morning!) can make a massive difference in your progress toward your goals and, down the line, your success. Try these out for a month and see the changes it produces!

10 thoughts on “Good Morning Habits For Success

  1. Not much of a morning person myself. But, these sound pretty good. I think I’m gonna give these a try! Great read!

  2. me levanto temprano desayuno fruta, leche pan; limpia la casa luego entro a clases importante tener comidas intermedias en el almuerzo verduras carne, pollo, pescado, hacer ejercicios también yoga con taichí yo me siento tranquilo en el parque paseando con mi perro inhalar y exhalar bueno para la salud.

  3. I love everything you share and try to learn and incorporate this in my daily life. I try to share this with my house mates as well. I appreciate the time you take to help other people.

    Thank you

    1. Hey Linford! Thanks for the support and for sharing this with your house mates and friends! I appreciate you helping spread the word so I can try to help as many people as possible and show them that getting the body they want and feeling good about themselves IS attainable! Keep crushing your workouts and incorporating good habits! Let’s GGGGOOOOOO!

  4. Thanks vasquez, been following you always. Also made some clips inspired from yours especially when taken at the ocean. More power!

    1. Johannes, thanks for reaching out to me and for your support! That’s awesome to hear you’re making your own clips, I’m happy to know that I’m inspiring you! That means a lot me and it’s what I always hope to do for people. Keep crushing it!👊

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