6-Week Ripped Warrior Program

This 6-week ripped warrior workout program is comprised of 6 challenging weeks of hybrid, weighted and Bodyweight workouts.

Every exercise day will start with a proper warm-up and will end with decompression techniques to help with recovery, mobility, and flexibility. This program utilizes a variety of conventional and unconventional training tools including, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and much more.

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To get started click expand all below and begin with week 1 day 1. You’ll progress through each day until week 1 has been completed and then begin week 2 and so on. Each day’s workout consists of a warm-up of some sort such as some mobility work or light conditioning work. You’ll then move on to your primary workout which usually consist of 5 -10 challenging exercises.

Once you knock out your primary workout out some days you may have a finisher exercise and others you won’t but we’ll always end it off with some light decompression work to really help decompress the muscles and aid in the recovery processes so we’re pumped and ready to go each day. In the course materials section, you’ll find a program outline as well as an example meal guide and some food suggestions based on my own dieting and eating habits.

It’s time to get to work warriors, let’s get started with the program.

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Posted 1 year ago
Forever Grateful

Im about to get this program started and have to say the things Michael and his team put out is nothing less then perfection. Im so grateful to be able to use these programs. Im a father of two boys and my goals are to be able to be a grandfather who can be able to keep up with grandkids. This isnt a 6 week program. This is a life journey. Forever grateful Matt Ogorek 🙏💪

thien vuong
Posted 1 year ago
Very Helpful!

After taking the course, I decided to purchase the program. Like the course, this program is very helpful. I've been in great shape ever since. It's very informative and makes you feel very satisfied after completing a day's worth of hard work. The exercises are diverse so that you don't get tired of doing the same thing over and over.

Justin Farzaneh
Posted 2 years ago
No Pain No Gain!!

Day 2 and I'm hurting in the best way, he does great job of working in different exercise methods and techniques!

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3 thoughts on “6-Week Ripped Warrior Program

    1. Borja, if you keep having problems with the videos please start a chat with my support team! They’re there to help you if you’re having any issues on the site!

  1. I can’t find the pdf of this plan neither the recommended diet plan with it ! Please help

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